Flag icon size


Currently the national flags in the category "Šabloni ikona zastave" seem to have size of either 20 or 23 px without any obvious system. For example, Angolan and Russian flags have (or used to have until now) different size although their proportions are identical. This can be visually unappealing when such randomly sized flags appear side-by-side (see, for example, the list in Istočna Evropa). Clearly the flags of the same proportion, at least, should have the same size, whichever it be. Guldrelokk (razgovor) 14:02, 9 decembar 2017 (CET)Odgovori

@Guldrelokk:: Hi! First of all, I apologize for not replying to your message sooner. An emergency came up and I wasn't on here for a few days. Anyway, thanks for bringing this up. All flag icons in the category you mentioned should be at 23 pixels. Now, the thing is, all of them consist of a simple image with a link to the appropriate article about the flag, and their use has been deprecated in favor of this template (the English equivalent would be Template:Flag). I do plan on standardizing the icons, but I still haven't decided whether I should just have the old templates call the new one (kinda like here) or use a bot to replace every single use with a direct call to the new template (i.e. instead of "{{Austrija}}", we'd have "{{ZID|Austrija}}"). Either way, it should be fixed soon™. – Srdjan m (razgovor) 16:11, 13 decembar 2017 (CET)Odgovori
 Y Lijepo. Hvala na odgovoru! - Guldrelokk (razgovor) 13:35, 15 decembar 2017 (CET)Odgovori

Cyrillic Bosnian


Hello. Why there is nothe cyrillic script in bosnian wikipedia? Serbian has. Bosnian and serbian are 1 language so??--Maxie1hoi (razgovor) 13:54, 2 januar 2020 (CET)Odgovori

Because, unlike the Serbian variety of Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian doesn't require foreign names to be transcribed when you're using the Latin script. It would be very difficult (I'd say nearly impossible) to create a script converter that takes that into account, and automatically (or at least semi-automatically) transcribes words from Latin to Cyrillic and vice versa. – Srdjan m (razgovor) 14:05, 2 januar 2020 (CET)Odgovori

(In)activity of Bosnian Wikinews


The last created following article was March of last year: "n:Brenton Tarrant izveo teroristički čin ubivši 49 osoba u džamiji". The main page of bs.WN showed just minor(?) edits of the preexisting articles made since the last article. Recent changes showed (almost?) no new articles made. Hard-closure was proposed in 2010 and 2011, yet the project has stayed open. The project recently hard-closed was Bulgarian Wikinews. The most recent project to be soft-closed was Greek Wikinews. Both closures occurred last year. Your comments on Bosnian Wikinews are welcome. --George Ho (razgovor) 10:44, 13 februar 2020 (CET)Odgovori

I would like someone to translate the above into Bosnian language for Wikipedia:Čaršija. Thanks. --George Ho (razgovor) 10:45, 13 februar 2020 (CET)Odgovori

As you already pointed out this project is clearly not maintained anymore. I personally think Wikinews in general is quite obsolete. Supporting a hard close for bs-wiki. -- Edin(r) 21:43, 9 mart 2020 (CET)Odgovori
We are struggling to keep up BS Wiki itself, mostly because of insufficient number of active users, so BS Wikinews is free to go, as far as I am concerned. Unless someone shows interest in working on it (which is hardly believable, but just in case I will let that remain opened). – KWiki (razgovor) 23:48, 9 mart 2020 (CET)Odgovori
I agree, as per above. Wikinews does not have a single active user, and should be closed. Haris (razgovor) 16:08, 10 mart 2020 (CET)Odgovori
@Edinwiki, KWiki, Mhare: I guess either one of us should create a subpage for another hard-closure: Instructions at m:Proposals for closing projects. George Ho (razgovor) 02:20, 13 mart 2020 (CET)Odgovori
Or, if soft-closure is more suitable, then a banner saying that the project is inactive would do, like Swedish Wikinews or Greek Wikinews. George Ho (razgovor) 02:30, 13 mart 2020 (CET)Odgovori
Srdjan m, may you please help the translation of the banner saying that Bosnian Wikinews is closed? Here are two versions of the banner: one from Norwegian Wikinews and another from Swedish Wikinews. George Ho (razgovor) 23:19, 15 mart 2020 (CET)Odgovori
@George Ho I am interested in re-activating this wiki. I am not confident that it can grow and prosper as Bosnian Wikinews only, but I can imagine it can have a future as Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian Wikinews (HBS language code and Latin-alphabet) in and be closer to Serbian Wikinews (in Cyrillic alphabet). Would anyone object to this? -- Zblace (razgovor) 23:10, 4 decembar 2023 (CET)Odgovori
I misplaced my initial statement and question so repositioning it at end and asking again + tagging: @Edinwiki, KWiki, Mhare, Srđan and welcoming input from all others active here, especially if interested to help re-activating Wikinews. -- Zblace (razgovor) 12:24, 5 decembar 2023 (CET)Odgovori

Translation request: Tuzla massacre


Zdravo, yesterday I updated the page on the en:25 May 1995 Tuzla massacre. It would be good to translate it and update the relevant versions on bs, hr, bh, Would anyone be able to help? Hvala, --Dans (razgovor) 13:00, 26 maj 2020 (CEST)Odgovori

Hello, It was on my to-do list anyway, I hope to get it done soon! --Haris (razgovor) 13:06, 26 maj 2020 (CEST)Odgovori

Wikipedia page on SUBNOR


I am a historian writing on cemeteries in the former Yugoslavia and right now, on Partisan cemeteries. I found the information provided on SUBNOR very useful, but was sorry not to see any citations. I am not able to return to any former Yug countries right now, so have limited access to sources that will provide this information. I do, however, read BCS and have access to Interlibrary loan, so would appreciate any suggestions primary and/or secondary source material on SUBNOR in the 1940s-1960s. Najlepse Vam Hvala! 19:18, 26 septembar 2022 (CEST)Odgovori

Hvala! 17:01, 29 septembar 2022 (CEST)Odgovori
palapabosnia (razgovor) 09:29, 27 septembar 2022 (CEST)Odgovori