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:::Well much likely I'd see here some external articles - articles on Oslobodenije or Avaz, some magazines and so on. I think quite a lot of bosnian media reffered him someone. Well this is a work for regular bosnian wiki editors, I was just suggesting how it would be nice :-) --[[User:Aktron|Aktron]] ([[User talk:Aktron|r]]|[[Special:Contributions/Aktron|d]]) 19:32, 19 januar 2009 (CET)
::::The most of articles was at the time as he found "the piramide". But as he say in his book: Maya were just a similar transciver between us and "them above", such a tragedy that they don´t exist. Now i know where Motorola comes from. :)--Amir [[Razgovor_sa_korisnikom:Seha|<small>pitaj</small>]] 20:03, 19 januar 2009 (CET)
:::::That is a real discovery. Found a hill nearly in the middle of a quite large city :-D I'd like to archieve some day something like this :-) However, time to time I think there might be any - maybe small but still - articles somewhere in the media. Maybe when I have some time I'll check it. [[User:Aktron|Aktron]] ([[User talk:Aktron|r]]|[[Special:Contributions/Aktron|d]]) 20:53, 19 januar 2009 (CET)