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{{ping|Saver47}} Hi Saver47! Thanks for reaching out! Yes, the Premijer liga BiH is a fully professional league, as well as the two second division leagues (Prva liga FBiH and the Prva liga RS). I hope I was of help. Ćao! :) [[Korisnik:Bakir123|Bakir123]] ([[Razgovor s korisnikom:Bakir123|razgovor]]) 22:30, 18 oktobar 2021 (CEST)
:Perfect! It will be very helpful :) Do you confirm that the documents I linked can prove this information? Zdravo :) --[[Korisnik:Saver47|Saver47]] ([[Razgovor s korisnikom:Saver47|razgovor]]) 22:41, 18 oktobar 2021 (CEST)