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* Religion : [[Islam]]
* Status : single, looking for a wife :p
* Really bad at maths, every kind of help welcome, specially learning motivation and technique tips. I have a really strong visualization ability and apply learned to everyday life and thoughts, btw it's my primary learning technique, but I have problems doing so with maths. Would be really thankful. You can leave message to me related to this. [[Korisnik:Koljenovic|Koljenovic]] 19:56, 19 septembar 2006 (CEST)
===Short CV===
** Student of ''"School of Economics and Management in Sarajevo"'' (EiM) ''first year''
** Status : passed everything in first semester but maths (exam : 03.02.2007)
** Status 09.February 2007 : 1st semester clear, passed maths
* 09. January 2007. Tuesday - Got part time job at EFSA as "Junior system administrator"
** 09. February 2007. Considering quitting the job in 2nd semester
*** lack of time
*** job has little to do with administration and networking, things I want to see
*** miserable salary
* 22. January 2007. Monday - Enrolled to CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) academy
** Status : first semester