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=== [[User:Addbot|Addbot]] ===
* '''Bot :''' [[User:Addbot|Addbot]]
*'''Automatic or Manually Assisted''': Automatic
*'''Programming Language(s)''': PHP own code
*'''Function Summary''': Removing interwiki links from pages that already have there links on wikidata,will only run after wikidata rolls out onto this project language.
*'''Already has a bot flag in''': [http://toolserver.org/~quentinv57/sulinfo/SantoshBot en,nl,no,he ]
Bot already has 700,000 edits on the above wikis with no errors. [[Wikipedista:Addshore|Addshore]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Addshore|diskuse]]) 1. 3. 2013, 19:00 (UTC)