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'''Requests for unblock''' is when a [[WP:BLOCK|blocked]] user believes that his or her blocking from editing has been unjust and wishes to contest the block. It is often used when [[Wikipedia:Administratori|administrators]] make mistakes in policy, or maybe that that editor was involved in a dispute and was unfairly treated.
The template below is added to a user's talk page (which can still be edited when blocked), by adding the code <nowiki>{{deblokiranjeOdblokirajte me)|Reason}}</nowiki>
{{deblokiranjeOdblokirajte me)|Razlog}}
where "reason" is substituted with why that user should be unblocked. The user talk page will then be listed in [[:Category:Requests for unblock]]. An admin patrolling that category will then address the matter and decide the course of action.