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* Birth date : 06.12.1987.
* Birth place : [[Sarajevo]]
* Lives in : [[Visoko]] | [[Beč|Vienna]] soon
* Lived in : Visoko 1987.-2002; Sarajevo 2002.-2006;
* Citizenship : [[Bosna i Hercegovina|Bosnia and Herzegovina]]
* Religion : [[Islam]]
* Status : single, looking for a wife :p
* Really bad at maths, every kind of help welcome, specially learning motivation and technique tips. I have a really strong visualisation ability and apply learned to everyday life and thoughts, btw it's my primary learning technique, but I have problems doing so with maths. Would be really thankful. You can leave message to me related to this. [[Korisnik:Koljenovic|Koljenovic]] 19:56, 19 septembar 2006 (CEST)
===Short CV===
I will not ever tell something about my plans anymore, because when I plan something it comes out that everything I planned went total crap. So no more future just past. :p
"[[Safvet beg Basagic]]" Primary school in Visoko 1995-2002. Temporarily high school graduate. Tends to enroll (2006.) and earn a degree in Business administration (BWL) (later [[MBA]]) and Information Systems (BSc or MSc), also tends to study for [[CCIE]]; [[CCISP]], and enroll one day. Tends to enroll for a degree in BWL in Wien, after BWL bacchelaureaute in Wien plans to pursue MBA on London School of Business.
* may 2002. - got my primary school grad cert
** ''OS Safvet-beg Basagic Visoko''
* may 2006. - high school graduate
** ''(Turkish Bosnian) Sarajevo College Sarajevo''
* august 2006. - enrolled to School of Economics and Management at Sarajevo University
* august 2006. - applied to Vienna University of Economics (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)
** '''awaiting answer''' by post, got answer by e.mail
** ''because some things went wrong will reconsider enrolling and thus leaving Sarajevo University''
* 18. september 2006, monday - attended first lecture at Sarajevo University
* [[Matematika|Maths]] - '' Would like to improve but lack motivation''
* [[UmmetJava]]
* [[Adobe]] Photoshop CS2 (you can see on my personal image :)
* [[Scribus]], ''free alternative to Adobe inDesign''
* [[C]]
* [[C++]]
* [[Pascal]]
* [[php]]
* [[SQL]]
* [[programiranje|programming]]
* [[algoritam|algorithm]]
* [[TCP/IP]]
* Macromedia tools (after Macromedia acquisition by Adobe, became part of Adobe)
Basic knowledge of Computer system architecture, [[Java]], [[HTML]]. Intermediate knowledge of [[C]], [[C++ ]], [[Pascal]], [[php]], [[MySQL]], [[programiranje|programming]], [[algoritam|algorithm]], [[fizika|physics]], [[TCP/IP]], [[Macromedia]] tools. Expert in making things stop work. Accomplished some projects from the region of expertage :)
*Mother language : [[Bosanski jezik|Bosnian]];
*Fluently speaks : English, Turkish;
*Learning : German; ''(pausing)''
*Wishes to learn : Arabic;
* Regions of interest are :
** Music
*** mood related
*** ex-Yugoslavian pop and rock
*** some house
*** religious (Islam)
*** weird instrumental-electric music
*** turkish music
*** world music
*** rearranged classics
** Books
*** Religion
*[[Beč]] (merge doubles from [[%D0%92e%C4%8D]] and [[Beč ]]to [[Beč]] and edit) // project active
*[[Hassan al-Banna]]